Solo sex or masturbate often left feeling guilty for those who consider it taboo activity . However, a survey in the U.S. found that one in three people admitted masturbating once or twice a week .

According to sexologist Gloria Brame , masturbation a positive effect on health . " Masturbation is safe and not dangerous at all . 's Healthier than a habit like brushing your teeth every day . "

There are five reasons why masturbation health benefits , as quoted by Mens Health .

prevent cancer

A 2003 study in Australia found that men who ejaculated more than five times a week -third less risk of developing prostate cancer . Why , toxins that accumulate in the channel will be pushed out of the system while masturbating .

Make increasingly vital organs mighty

As you age , the muscles weaken , including in the male genital area . Regular sex or masturbation will menngaktifkan pelvic muscles and prevent erectile dysfunction . " Sex and masturbating in the corner keeping an intimate area is maintained , " said Brame . For best results , have sex or masturbate 3-5 times a week .

Helps erection longer

Masturbation helps stretch the muscles so that more durable . " Masturbation is one hour before sex will give you more control , " says Brame .

According to the founder , Ava Cadell , exercise to find out how long it will enhance the ability orgasm durable . If it takes two minutes to climax , try to do as many as three times . Or calculate how much friction that leads to the summit . If over 50 , trained to be able to reach 60 . " With practice , he doubled the amount or time for a month , " says Cadell .

Boost immunity

Ejaculation increases levels of male hormone cortisol , says Jennifer Landa hormone therapy specialist . But an increase in stress hormones during ejaculation actually boost immunity . " Masturbation can create the right environment for a stronger immune system , " he said .

Improve mood

When a man ejaculates . brain release a chemical that causes feelings of pleasure and satisfaction such as dopamine and oxytocin . " Orgasm merupakann strongest blast of dopamine without drugs . brains of people who orgasm like they are addicted to heroin , " said Brame .