Earthen ponds are the most common types found in many places, these factors are contributed to starting an earthen pond.

Land Area: Look for a land which is comparatively level, avoid steep slope land as they are not suitable for an earthen fish pond construction. Check whether the measurement of the land is enough for your pond size and any other future expansion

Water Supply: Water is very important when come to fish pond survival, adequate source of water is a must for any fish farming. The major sources of water supply to earthen ponds are streams, springs and the lakes

Soil: Earthen ponds should be constructed in a good quality soil; it should have little or no gravel or rocks that may hinder the propagation of the fish Market closeness: Find out if market is available for the fish, and whether the demand can justify the production. Infrastructure: Check the accessibility of the road, are they passable to enable the free movements of people and fish to the market. #fish-pond #pond-construction #fiahing