So I saw some people #complaining about how some other people weren't writing as much as they thought they should in a post. I just got to thinking, you know 400 #characters isn't really that long. In fact its probably just a couple of lines on this #screen that I'm writing on right now. Most of my posts are between 500 and 700 characters long even my shorter ones don't ever go below 500 characters. Okay there.

Alright that paragraph that I just finished writing that ended with the “Okay there” that there was 406 characters. It really truly isn't much and I would find it hard to write something shorter then that. Anyways that’s an example of just how short of a post people are allowed to post.

So before you go #reporting someone because it “seems” short make sure to check it in a word #document or something first.

By the way this whole post is 844 characters long