Now it's all over the world, you can hear about it , you've seen it everywhere even in the news. It's the Top 1 free android games called "Flappy Bird". Many people are so obsessed with this game not just obsessed but others want to throw their cellphone because of frustration just like what my girlfriend did to my cellphone. My girlfriend my classmate my cousins are all playing this game that's why i wonder why this game is so addictive? This are my possible reasons why :

It's Easy Access - Yes ! you can play this game even in a low specs android phone it only require android version 2.2 you can even play it in your nokia 3310 if it was an android. Another factor here is this game is more or less 1MB in size meaning you can download it in an instant even if your internet connection is quite slow.

It's Simple - I have played so many android games but this game is addictive in different way, it is because it's simple. You don't need to have some cash for you to be able to fly or to buy a pair of wings, you can't see "Cash Shop" in there and you will also never ask for donation. You just need to tap and tap and tap and be careful for the pipes.

It's Because it is a Bird - Oh come on! it's not what you are thinking right now! :) we all love birds and i must admit it. Just how we loved the angry birds. See? even if the birds got angry we still play them ;) this game is also suitable for your child you just need to guide not them but your cellphone.

Now that i already answered the floating questions around, let me know your score then ? :) my highest score is 146 can you beat me? :)

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