I was really surprised to see more #categories added for me to review in Humanatic. I only had 2 categories when they accepted me to become a human, that's how they call their members on that site, and these categories are the #inbound and #outband calls. Now I already have the #Inventory Discussion, Reason Not Connected and the Dealership Appointment Request. So happy for it! A human can gain access to more categories if one does well in the category that a he/she is already in. So that only means I did well,yehey!

#Humanatic is a site where you earn from reviewing calls, whether the call was successfully #connected or not to the other party. It's actually easy to review but then some are quite confusing too, especially if the audio of the call is very poor, hard to understand. You must also maintain an #accuracy score of 95%-100% so that the category that you are active in wont be removed. Before I had the added categories, I had an accuracy score of 99% but when I tried doing some of the new categories available for me, it went down to 96%, oh my! I went to the overview section of each category to read and listen carefully to the samples given so I wont go wrong again. I hope to do it right next time.

IMAGE SOURCE : My Own Screen Shot of My Added Categories


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