I've decided to get an early start on my "New Year's Resolutions". There are many aspects of my life that could use a serious change - and I'm not just talking about the "staple" things such as lose weight or make more money. There isn't any magical rule that says I have to wait until January 1st to begin molding a better ME, so i'm going to get a head start on it all.

My first New Me Resolution is:

Repair My Relationship with my Brother and his Family

I have two brothers. One of them, I lost all contact with and haven't seen in about 15 years. This is his own doing, I am in contact with his ex-wife and am able to see pictures of their beautiful daughter. I used to idolize him as a child. Sadly, he left when I was about 9 years old and doesn't wish to have contact with his biological family anymore.

The other brother I did not know growing up. I met him when I was 19 and we formed a close bond. He also bonded with my abusive ex. When I left him, my brother seemed to side with him on custody issues, etc. Even now, his wife and daughter are "friends" with my ex and his wife on a popular social networking site, they send them gifts, etc. I might sound jealous but I feel very betrayed by this. I tried explaining how I felt to my sister-in-law and she said she thought we were all friends and she didn't know the situation. I felt better about it then, but expected her to choose family and respect my feelings. They never did.

I finally had a talk with my brother and told him I had to remove his wife and daughter from my "friends list" as I was so uncomfortable about what was happening.

Things have been strained ever since, and my niece and sister in law still will not talk to me. My brother and I talk very rarely.

I am hurt by all of this, but they see it as my doing, so I am at a loss.

I want to have a good relationship with my brother - I want him to have a bond with my husband, who he has never even spoken to, and I want him to meet my youngest child. Family means a lot to me and it is heartbreaking that things are how they are. So I resolve to repair this over the next year.

What are some of your resolutions? More of mine in future posts.


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