For me the ending year 2013 was a great year, first because I meet my girlfriend and I changed my life completely. At the beginning this year I knew nothing how it will come. Right now I am at the exact same place as I was a year ago, but that is just for the moment. Because I was living in Ecuador for the last 10 months and I will go back the in February 2014, can't wait for it. I want to live there and build up my future there. So in 2013 I learned a lot about me and what I want in life. First I want to be with my girlfriend forever happy together. Second I want to build my own handmade tagua jewelry with my girlfriend. And third I want to become a photographer, I want to make my talent and passion to a job, the same is with the jewelry. Because I really like fashion and to create/design things. And the great way is that we can support a family in Ecuador, which are making the jewelry for us.

2013 was not just a year where I found my love, myself and what I want, it also was a great year for travels and new experiences. Early this year I went to the Galapagos Islands, I think it is the most beautiful and amazing spot I ever seen. I loved it there. The nature and the experience you can see there I can't tell you in words, it is just WOW. It is a fantastic and great place. Very interesting and so much to learn from our beautiful world.

In June I went to Peru. First Lima, then Cusco and then Puno at the Lake Titicaca. From Puno I went to Bolivia to Copacabana and there to La Paz. This was a great trip too and so interesting and great. I will make post about my travels and trips with more details. Because here I just want to look back at the year. The highlight from this trip was Cusco with Machu Picchu and the Titicaca Lake in Bolivia.Because I was really surprised from La Paz and Bolivia, it is a fantastic and great country, which I want to explorer more, maybe in 2014?

So yes here we are now, in the end of 2013 and at the beginning from the new, the virgin, the unknown, the great and happy 2014.

What it will bring I am not sure. But I am sure that it will be a great year for me and my girlfriend and our business and my photography experiments. I really hope we can sell our jewelry and that we will have success with it. I also hope that I can make an income with my photos yet. I know I am new in this, but I need money. So I am looking forward to it that it is coming good. Of course first I have to learn it more, but I think, I believe, that you lean the most when you just do it. Learning by doing.

So what are your plans and wishes for 2014? Are you happy with 2013? What was your highlight? Happy to read your stories and thinkings. And please feel fee to ask me if you have questions and doubts.

PhotoCredits: All mine. You can see me and my girlfriend in the places we visited. I am so thankful that we could travel so much and we can be happy together. I really love her and looking this pictures make me miss her so much, just wish to be with her.

I wish you all the best and happy moments in 2014!

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