The Game 6 of the NBA finals at Miami, Florida is quite an exciting and breath taking event as those who watch could says because of the obvious trails of San Antonio Spurs against Miami Heat during the first half and second half of the games but the ball is round and the faith had favored the Miami Heat with the tied at the end of 4th Quarter that gave them the chance to stole the Game 6 from San Antonio. The first NBA Final Game 6 that had an overtime game. The final scores 100 - 103, wherein the Miami Heat teams wins in the Game 6 and will be facing the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 for Championship round. In the overtime round Ginobili loss the ball and Ray Allen hits for the free throw line with only 1.9 seconds left. Danny Green tries to ties the overtime with a three point shots but Chris Bosh had made up a big block for him. During the 4th quarter of the Game, the Spurs had a lead in with 82-77 but James Lebron starts to strikes back with his layup and makes the leads to favor to his team with 87 – 84 without his head band, Mike Miller and Chalmers also throws three points for their teams with Miller even without wearing his left side shoe makes a three points for his team. Danny Green had been missing his shots all the while in this game but Tony Parker made the team lead with only three minutes remaining with 91 - 89 for Spurs. 20 seconds left before the times run out of the clock for fourth quarter and with Kawhi Leonard fouled and give a free throw for Spurs that trailed the Miami by three. The games had been quick and Rey Allen suddenly throws a 3 points shots that make the Miami tied with Spurs with both team scores 95-95 and Tony Parker didn’t want a Game 7 and tries to break the tie, He ran for a 2 point shot but he fails. The first half of the Games was all lead by San Antonio with Tim Duncan not missing his shots in the game, with 12 points and 6/6 in the first half they trail the Miami but James Lebron had made a rebound and Mario Chalmers throwing three points for their team. The big three of San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat will be facing each other again at the Final Game 7 of the NBA Championship Game still in Miami, Florida. The tension for Game 7 had already been sets high with the results of Game 6 plays and with Miami not letting the San Antonio to pull them down in their own court. Game 6 of the NBA Finals had been a great game for everyone as both of the team not letting each other to lose the ball in their hands. More expectations will be rising as the Game 7 comes near.