1. I want to be on Front Page

I am pretty doing well on Bubblews in these days. But I think none of my posts were reached to Front Page yet. People are saying that "Being on Front Page" is not an issue and just contributing the quality posts are main key. It is true and agreed but like childhood in the class, when other people got First Prize, I want to get it too. Because I believe that we all are same and capable persons. Currently I have 1105 connections and made 163 posts (exclude this one) and the view counts are gonna hit to 10,000 soon. My top post has 277 views, 113 likes and 101 comments. My current trend at Bubblews is very good, my average post per $ is 1.00.

Any idea for me to reach Front Page?

Work hard? Make quality posts? Get more connections? Be interactive more?

Anything else?

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