On April 20, 2014 , it will be 15 years since The Columbine Massacre, in which Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered 12 students, one teacher, injured 21 others, before turning the gun on themselves. These two students wanted the school shooting to compete with the Oklahoma Bombings and LA Riots. They planted pipe bombs all over the school, in which some didn't go off. This shooting is the reason for bigger issues on gun control, violent video games, our police task forces, and parents being more involved in their kids lives. The Massacre lasted around fifty minutes, which means it ended at 12:08 pm, and the cops didn't reach the library where most of the Massacre happened until 3:30. If the shooters wouldn't have killed themselves, they probably would have killed at least 50 more, and if the bombs would have exploded, it is assumed that it would have injured or killed over 500 more students and teachers. Rachel's Challenge was inspired after this, Rachel Scott was the first student killed in the Massacre and supposedly was asked about her faith in God in which she supposedly said "yes" and was shot after. Rachel's challenge has saved thousands of students from making stupid mistakes. Craig Scott, Rachel's brother, is in charge of the Challenge and goes around to schools around the country to tell his story of Rachel's life and him surviving the Massacre, in which two of his friends were killed, hiding right beside him, and he laid in their blood, feigning death, he was able to get out without a scratch. Bubblers, what does the Columbine Massacre mean to you?