GTA 5: Be a Bounty Hunter

Bounties pop up quite often in "Grand Theft Auto V," giving you ample opportunity to pick up some extra cash by hunting down targets and bringing them in. Trevor's the ideal man for this job, though the others hold up fairly well when it comes to pursuit and capture. Bring some friends in and get the job done right.

GTA 5: Go for a Swim

In previous "Grand Theft Auto" games, swimming wasn't encouraged, as most of the action was happening on land. That's not the case with "GTA V," however. You can suit up in a diving rig and go exploring underwater, seeing what mysteries — and possible treasure — awaits you beneath the depths of the city.

GTA 5: Lead the Sporting Life

A few years ago, "Grand Theft Auto V" mixed things up by introducing casual new activities for the characters to take part in, including bowling and darts. That trend continues with the latest "GTA," as you can do anything from playing golf to taking part in a doubles match on the tennis court.

GTA 5: Take Yoga

Living a criminal life can be tough on the nerves. So you'll have the opportunity to regain some of your stamina through yoga exercises. It's quite startling how much better you'll feel when you have to smack someone upside the head with a baseball bat.

GTA 5: Customize to Your Heart's Content

With "Grand Theft Auto V," the world is your oyster — so you don't have to stick to default options. You can purchase new clothes for your characters while also customizing vehicles in their possession however you please. Go all out and buy the spinner rims!

GTA 5: Join in Co-Op

"GTA 5," also introduces co-op support, allowing you to team up with friends to complete missions. Rockstar will explain this closer to the game's release, but it'll be nice to roll with a squad — especially when you're facing off against someone else.

GTA 5: Jump from Character to Character

In "Grand Theft Auto V," you'll have three characters to choose from — retired bank robber Michael, up-and-coming repo man Franklin and down-on-his-luck slob Trevor. At any given time, you can switch between the three characters, seeing what they're up to on a day-to-day basis. You can also change vantage points during missions if you need to help someone out.

GTA 5: Go Hunting

If your shooting skills are a bit rusty — or you just want to let off some steam between missions —visit the local shooting range and fire off a few rounds, keeping track of your score to see how it compares with others. You can also hunt animals — but be careful, because some might hunt you right back.

GTA 5: Plan an Elaborate Heist

Are you an "Ocean's Eleven" fan? Thanks to a helpful point man that lays down the groundwork, your team can pull off some daring heists throughout the city. Keep your guns handy just in case — people won't be thrilled with you ripping them off.

GTA 5: Invest Like Mad

Finally, "Grand Theft Auto V" gives you the chance to invest your money in some high-stakes ventures, including real estate and stocks. While that may not sound as exciting as getting a tattoo and cruising off in a high-end sports car, these markets have their rewards — if you play them right.

Pic Credit: Rockstar games