Strawberries....lovely little almost heart shaped fruit....tasty healthy and down right awesome! There are a few things about strawberries that I bet you didn't know...such as.

In California there are over 700 hundred strawberry growers spanning across a total shared land mass of 20000 acres.

The Strawberry is in face a member of the rose family.

As study has shown that people who like strawberries are often more loving than people that don't like them.....yes odd facts right here lol.

Strawberries have curative effects such as reducing the risk of getting cancer or having a heart attack, then can also help when you are ill from lesser aliments.

There is a theory that strawberries were named by 19th century children who picked the fruit, strung them on grass straws, and sold them as "Straws of berries"

The strawberry is the one fruit that has seed on the outside as opposed to having them on the inside.

Strawberries are one of the few sources of ellagic acid, a compound which prevents carcinogens from turning healthy cells into cancerous ones.

Strawberry juice combined with honey will reduce inflammation or sunburn. Rub the mixture thoroughly into the skin before rinsing off with warm water and lemon juice.

Eight medium-sized strawberries contain 140% of the U.S. RDA for Vitamin C.