10 Cities With the Best Economic Prospects for 2013 - Ranked by The TSB ( Toronto Skyscraper Blog)

Here is a listing complied by the Toronto Skyscraper Blog, ranking the Top 10 Canadian Cities based on the projected Economic Performance for 2013. This ranking is based on a subjective analysis, just to be clear. Although, the objective fundamentals underlying each region play a part in my decision to rank the cities, in addition to the diversity of their employment and growth opportunities. My analysis, falls in line with other forecast for the Canadian Market, with the Western Provinces, and their resource based economy, leading the charge in 2013, while eastern, and Atlantic Regions lag. It's a sad state that the manufacturing base within Ontario and Quebec has been decimated by the high Canadian Petro Dollar. The Auto Industry centered around Toronto Region, while the largest in North America, is losing capacity to low wage Detroit and Ohio at an alarming rate, while Saskatchewan and Manitoba see real growth for the first time in a generation benefiting from natural wealth and increased immigration.

  1. Saskatoon: This city has been on Fire, it's building fast and strong, and is on a percentage basis the fastest growing city in Canada.

  2. Regina : The second Saskatchewan city on the list, it's Potash Wealth and corporate headquarters and becoming known around the world.

  3. Calgary: The traditional Resource Capital of Canada. Let the oil flow!

  4. Edmonton: Headquarters to the oil supply industry, and leading in technology and development of the Oil Sands

  5. Winnipeg: Benefits from the power of renewed immigration and migration, one of the fastest growing cities in Canada for 2012.

  6. Toronto: Condo Boom is fading, but still has the largest construction industry in North America, with 150 skyscrapers under construction.

  7. Montreal: Catching the Toronto Condo Boom Wave, has almost 30 highrises and skyscrapers under construction, an all time high. Go Habs!

  8. Quebec City: On a percentage basis the growth of it's construction and business sector is second to none in Canada, including the Western Cities (Gasp!)

  9. Halifax: New Ship Building Contract with the Federal Government Should pull these guys out of the hole.

10: Kitchener-Waterloo: Blackberry Z10? or Blackberry Q10 pick your poison.