One morning me and my baby woke up and i saw my babies face with lots of red flat bites, i was thinking it was "surot" or dust mites. so i goggle it on how to get rid of that pest, on one site i read that with just one tea bag can kill a dust mites. So i follow the instructions, this is how to do it, you will need 1 boiled water, 1 tea bag and 1 empty spray bottle. First you have to dip tea bag on a hot water. Let it stand until it cools down, then put it on an empty spray bottle. Spray on your bed, linens, stuff toys, sofa, etc. Spray on a fine mist so it will not stain on your linens or beds. I tried at night then when we woke up this morning there is no bites on my babies face anymore, that was amazing and it really wok. One thing it is safe for babies and there is no bad smell. Insecticides can not kill dust mites.