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posting money making methods can realy get you on the map. try to blend in and post normal articles

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P.S. By posting something here without a citation, you are effectively stating that it is your own work and that it has not appeared elsewhere. That is the basic assumption.

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Your best bet is to cite references. If it is your own work that was posted elsewhere, add a disclaimer as a footnote, such as:

"This article is my own work, originally published on Facebook" or "source: thisiswhereitcamefrom.com";

The same goes for any images you use that are not your own. By adding a line at the bottom, you are crediting the owner of the work, ie: "Image source: thisiswhereitcamefrom.com";

This doesn't just cover you, it's also good etiquette.

One last point; make sure that any third-party material you use is licensed for public use. It can be reasonably assumed that it is permitted if there is no statement to the contrary (so long as you credit the original author), but err on the side of caution and check for licensing information before you use it, or contact the author for permission. What you need to see if you want to use it is "creative commons license" or "public domain". If it says "free for personal/non-profit use", you can't use it here since you are gaining profit from it. If in doubt, contact the owner of the material.

These are a few tips that will help you avoid plagiarism conflict in future.

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My guess is it's the links. On the "bank" page, it clearly tells us that linking to other sites to cite references or support our posts is okay, but linking to other affiliate or referral sites is forbidden. See Rule #8

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