Get ahead with Bubblews by connecting with others. It is the way forward with this unique writing website.

I think that everyone who connects with each other on Bubblews should let that person know by leaving a comment on their profile page. This is a way for them to see that you have connected, because sometimes those notifications don't get seen.

If you have not logged into Bubblews for 24 hours or so, then you will not know who has connected, so making contact by leaving a nice interesting message about yourself on that person's profile is the best way for everyone to get more connections. Doing this will let them know who you are and that way they can go to your profile page to see what you have written.

Also, I suggest you write something about yourself on your profile page, so everyone will know who you are and what you like doing. This will help you get more connections. The Bubbler that wants to connect with you may want to know more about you like what you do and why you have joined Bubblews.

I believe by doing this will earn you more money here on Bubblews. So, everyone should start leaving a message on that person's profile.

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