The damage caused by the current typhoon in our country is overwhelming, and if I would put them one by one, the list will be long that one might get tired reading this post. That’s why, I would just simply narrow it down on how it affected me.

The typhoon started last Friday, August 16, 2013 and didn’t stop from there. Yeah! You are reading it right, it didn’t stop from then. The downpour varies from time to time. There were times that it was so hard and heavy that my roommate and I weren’t able to sleep well because of the bullet-like sounds that it made on our roof. And there were times that it was only a drizzle. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop.

I was very upset because I received a text message from my sister, who lives in my hometown together with my brother, about the situation. I expected worse but still, it surprised me to know that the flood drowned the whole first floor of our house. My siblings were trapped in the second floor with nothing to eat. They only drank water for the whole day before the help came and gave them some provisions. I felt so bad because I wasn’t with them (I’m renting a boarding house near my work) and I couldn’t be with them. They didn’t send me any messages after so I didn’t know what happened to them until yesterday, when the flood subsided and they were able to go outside with the help of a makeshift raft (made from plastic bottles and rubber) by the neighbors.

Here in my apartment, everything was fine. The only problem I had was my laundry. They couldn’t get dry because of the weather. Everything was cold (btw, I don’t have washing machine here in my boarding house). Also, the internet was in a mess. I couldn’t bubble for quite a long time because if there’s no problem with the power source, then it will be the internet.

Overall, I can’t say it was hell of an experience (compare to what my siblings had to go through) but one thing’s for sure. The typhoon destroyed and affected a lot of people.

Happy bubbling to everyone.