The new hype in bodybuilding movies is Pain & Gain. Why you ask; because its based on the true stories of the Sun Gym Gang. The Sun Gym Gang were a gang of bodybuilders who trained at the Sun Gym in Miami. They were notorious for kidnapping, extortion, torture and murder. They were also steroid abusers.

The other reason for the hype were because the lead roles of the bad guys were being played by none other than Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; perfect physiques and actors for the roles. Both actors bring out comedic, humorous sides to the negative roles that they are playing. However you can rest assured that they do not let you sympathise with the baddies.

Wahlberg plays Daniel Lugo, a trainer at the Sun Gym. Lugo is deeply fascinated by the “American Dream” and he hopes to strike rich very quickly. After some self help classes he is told that he needs to be a “Doer” and not a “Don'ter” in achieving what he wants. Twisting these lessons in his own way Lugo schemes illegal ways to achieve his fortune. Lugo plans to kidnap Victor Kershaw, a rich client that he is training at the gym. Kershaw is a miser and money hoarder, a person not many people take a liking to. This allows Lugo to justify his plan because he feels he is stealing from a fraudulent person. Lugo sets up a plan to kidnap and extort money out of Kershaw with his recruited crew of bodybuilders Paul Doyle (Dwayne Johnson) and Adrian Doorbal (Anthony Mackie). The movies ensues into a hilarious frenzy of events as the bodybuilders try to keep their plan going while trying to escape the hand of the law.

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