There are many sites like BubbleWS. Some good, some not so good. What's great about BubbleWS is the ease of using it and the small amount you have to write as a minimum (just 400 characters).

If you're looking for more sites like BubbleWS and are wondering where else you can write short pieces and gain an income, then one that I'm about to start using is called Wizzley. I've chosen that one as I also write for Hubpages, who have made it long-winded (so hard) to write as they want you to produce LARGE articles. So, if you're writing on BubbleWS and feeling able to write more, but are limited by the 10 articles/day here, then you might like to try Wizzley too.

On Wizzley it's a little different; the layout is similar to Hubpages. You can enter affiliate IDs for a variety of income streams including ebay, Amazon, Chitika and Zazzle stores. There are other ways to earn money through your writing.

Like all sites, all you have to do is register and write something. With a site like Wizzley it'll probably take you 5 minutes to set up your profile and add in any existing affiliate IDs you have, then you just write a page. Their pages are broken down into text modules, you can learn how best to use those once you've got started.

It's not difficult, just a little different to BubbleWS.

Now you've an additional outlet for all that creativity that's bursting out of you.

Once you've written just five articles on Wizzley, you can join in their referral system and invite your friends and gain a lifetime commission / lifetime passive income by having your affiliate IDs showing on 10% of the page impressions of the new member; this doesn't reduce their income, these 10% are part of Wizzley's cut, so you're taking nothing away from the earning your friends/family by referring them.

BubbleWS is great for writing great, short, informative articles, but if you want to create a bigger income you should explore other sites. Wizzley is a great second step.

Good luck!

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Image: screenie from wizzley under Fair Use