Eric Braden himself responded to my rant about Y&R, Josh Griffith, the crappy storylines on Y&R and so forth. I was upbraided for apparently saying Braeden was unhappy with the storylines. Not true.

What I did say was this:

Josh Griffith resigned -->

Eric Braeden tweeted that he wasn’t happy about Josh Griffith leaving the show -- > (and linked to his tweet)

I wrote an article about the Braden tweet and SPECULATED . I did say that Braeden has been unhappy with storylines IN THE PAST. Has he been? Well, as a fan of Soap Opera Digest and other soap opera publications, that’s what I’ve read….for about the last 15 years.

Somehow my little rant about Josh Griffith resigns, (COMMA) Eric Braeden is pissed, (COMMA), story lines suck apparently was seen by Braeden who tweeted me here’s the link to the tweet to me -->

As far as storylines sucking -- take for instance Monday’s episode. Personally, I thought it was REALLY shitty of whoever put that episode together to NOT focus on Katherine Chancellor and Katherine Chancellor alone. No, we got Murphy’s announcement of Katherine’s death interspersed with the bullshit Avery/Nick/Sharon storyline. Are you KIDDNG ME??? Yes, I know that there is more to come in the Katherine Chancellor memorial, however, IMHO, the first episode dealing with her death belonged to her and her alone. Period. Whoever decided to put that episode together did it wrong, and I’m not the only fan who feels that way.

You tell me Y&R fans, do YOU like the current storylines? I want to see cornerstone characters front and center with storylines they can sink their teeth into, just like the old days. Do I blame the writers? No. I blame the woman in charge, Jill Farren Phelps, destroyer of soap operas. Just Google her and you’ll find out how many of the soaps she’s written for or executive produced are defunct. It’s sad really.

Let me stress this ONE MORE TIME…I NEVER said Eric Braeden was unhappy with storylines. I AM the one unhappy with them. Braeden replied to a fan tweet that he was PISSED over Josh Griffith’s leaving/resignation. I *did* speculate (as is my right) whether or not Braeden would be pissed enough to walk away from his role as Victor Newman. Haven’t you ever been so mad at something that happened at work that you wanted to walk away? Forgive me if I make the incorrect assumption, but I thought actors were similar. If something pisses them off they may have a thought go through their head that okay, enough…I’m outta here. But…I could be wrong. Maybe they don’t think like that. If not, good for them.

I do NOT want Y&R to disappear from the canvas. I miss my beloved All My Children. That show got so screwed up the last 5 years it was on the air it was unrecognizable. Then there was a battle with Prospect Park and getting on the internet. And then when they finally brought it to the internet, and some of my favorite characters were back, I couldn’t wait. And it as garbage. Pure garbage.
My biggest fear is the one last soap opera that I enjoy, that I have been watching since I was 5 years old, will go the way of my beloved All My Children. And the thought of NOT being able to sit down at 12:30pm Monday through Friday and catch up with the Newmans, Abbotts, Baldwins, Winters, Ashbys, etc. makes me nervous.

Are we clear on that? Great!

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