I have just been completing some tasks hosted by Crowdflower via the Clixsense PTC site.

Maybe I should emphasize the word 'some' in that sentence as I was unable to complete a couple of them for now apparent reason and, likewise , able to complete some others....for no apparent reason.

I can't remember the exact details but they generally involve using a search term in Google and then answering various questions about the site and SEO related questions. One that I always used to be able to do blindfold, regarding a casino offering $700 bonus, now tells me to 'visit the site' when I have clearly done just that and answered all the questions correctly. The same can be said about another site on there: everything correct...but no payout!

Conversely, I have gone to a blackjack site on another task which DOES NOT match the title in the question. I then bluffed my way through the task and, lo and behold, was paid out 7 cents!

Here's a tip that I discovered on one task regarding a search for Casino Action. There is a question about who regulates them. It turns out to be someone known as the Malta Gaming Authority -or similar. The point is that if you re-type this in, correctly spelt, you will be denied payment. The trick is to paste in from the about us page as their spelling is INCORRECT..but correct...if you see what I mean! For the record they have spelled 'Authority' as 'Authoity'.

Obviously the computer is only as smart as the dumb asses who enter the data.

I managed to complete 4/6 tasks, which earned me 28 cents in a few minutes: not bad, but it would have been nice to claim the other 14 cents, which I feel has been robbed from me.

These tasks appear on other sites like Neobux, Vivatic, Inbox Pounds etc. Has anyone else any experiences of Crowdflower tasks, good or bad, and do you have any tips on how to complete them?