The +Python , a 100-pound African rock python, which was kept in a floor-to-ceiling glass cage in the apartment upstairs from +Reptile-Ocean , escaped through a ventilation system and fell through the ceiling into the living room where 2 young boys, who there for a sleepover, were sleeping. Both boys, 4-year-old Noah Barthe and 6-year-old Connor Barthe were +Asphyxiated by the snake.

The owner of Reptile Ocean’s son was in another room and not harmed.

The python was captured and +Euthanized . A +Necropsy found the snake had been in good health.

The +Royal-Canadian-Mounted-Police opened a continuing +Criminal-Investigation .

The +Authorities said the store owner may not have been licensed to keep the +snake, which is of an aggressive species that is banned in the province.

National Geographic says : “Two boys found strangled to death by an African rock python in New Brunswick, Canada, on Monday were victims of one of the world's most vicious snakes.”

*I think this pet shop owner qualifies for the title of an idiot in the news.*

+Graphic from
Photograph by Michel Denis-Huot, Hemis/Corbis

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