I was only 22 when I got married. I had a love marriage & m husband is 6 years elder to me. This year in october it will be 10 years of togetherness and 7 years of marriage. I personally feel there are lot of advantages in getting early and especially if you live in an Indian Society.
first and foremost pressure after getting married in an Indian society is to plan a baby. Wherein we got enough time as I was just 22 when I got married. Me &my husband always had plans to enjoy our lives or five years and then plan a baby. And luckily, it happened the way we wanted. I delivered my son lat year after 5 years of marriage.
Secondily, I beleive, if you marry early and also plan baby in the initial few years, you are more energetic parent. Since, you are young and there is lot of enery required to upbring a new born.
Thirdly, You look younger for longer as it is a gynocologically tested that after 30, women hormones starts deminishing steadily, so if you plan baby in 20s, the chances of recovery from the child birth is much more than the ones who deliver babys in later age.Marrying late also reduces the hance of conceiving a baby.