A staple menu item in our household is tilapia fish. I shop at my local Aldi grocery store and I usually grab at least one of their value sized bags. Each piece of tilapia comes individually wrapped and they are easy to cook if you want just an individual portion or enough for the entire family. One of the best things about fish, no matter how you cook it, there are plenty of side dishes that compliment them well. Of course, for the purposes of this post I want to focus on fried fish. If you decide to fry some fish, I would suggest adding these choices to your meal.

During the summer, I typically choose a lighter side dish such as tossed salad, and any type of pasta side dish. I'll serve it along with some garlic bread and dinner is really a no fuss. If I'm looking for something a little more heavier to eat, I like to stir up a good pot of grits. What can I say? I'm a down home southern girl and in my world grits are perfect for sea food delights. Some other choices I may go with are Cole slaw and hush puppies, or macaroni and some type of beans.

One of the good things about all of the sides I've included below is that they are quick and hassle free. If you've spent most of your cooking time frying fish, you will appreciate something quick, light, and cool to complement your meal. If you're fortunate enough to have a deep fryer, heavier side items that take a little more preparation may be worthwhile to you. So, without further adieu, here is the complete list of some of the side items that will be a perfect complement to your fried fish.

tossed salad with fresh veggies
broccoli salad
cole slaw
hush puppies
french fries
baked beans
pinto beans
macaroni and cheese
mashed potatoes
potato salad
green bean salad
cucumber salad
corn on the cob
red beans and rice
candy yams
baked sweet potatoes
baked potatoes
fried okra
yellow rice
rice pilaf
garlic bread
veggie pasta salad
fried green tomatoes
roasted potatoes
baked zucchini and squash
fried cabbage
boiled cabbage
tomato and onion salad
baked chips

Is your favorite side dish for fried fish on this list? If not, be a dear and tell me what you like to eat alongside your fried fish!

photo credit: www.flickr.com/photos/67238971@N04/