Big Brother fans weren’t surprised on Thursday night when Aaryn won the HoH in the double eviction and immediately placed Jessie and Spencer up for eviction. Tell me that the Brother Big 15 production team doesn’t manipulate the results because SURPRISE! Aaryn won the POV. SERIOUSLY??? And in what could have been the biggest blindside of the season, Aaryn took Jessie off the block (this girl is like a barnacle on a boat, you need a special tool to scrape her off!) and put Judd up. And Judd went home.

Now, Judd may have appeared not all that smart, but there was more to Judd than met the eye. Whatever the hell he did to piss off Aaryn (or maybe it was a little birdie named Helen chirping in her ear), Judd went packing to the jury house before he even knew what hit him.