As I have stated from my previous post, it does take time to get started, and it is a process of waiting. during that process so many things may be going on without knowing about them , true? So what you have to do, or at what we all together have to do is waiting nothing else. i am saying this because last Friday, I requested my payment from the past 2 weeks, and I did not hear from Bubblews until now, and the other payments did pass through without any problems. Now, my concern is to encourage people to not give up on hope and waiting process, because in the end the right thing will come to you the right time, and I do not have doubt about that.

I do not or will not waste my time contacting Bubblews about my payment, because i do know that I have done a terrific job, that what matters tome, if they tend to cheat on me, then I will not do anything about it for it is how they have planned their things. so, guys, as i always see in here people writing about contacting Bubblews without any reply it helps me really understand that if you know well that you did not break any rule, then wait and keep writing and hope for the better outcome.

I remember, some days ago one guy was asking whether he / she should keep posting in here when his / her 3 past redemption were not paid, I do not know if he happened to get paid but again, enjoy expressing your thoughts rather than counting on money most. Be glad and proud of yourself that you can share your ideas with others, and enjoy the great feedback you receive. Money is not always everything though:) Thanks.