A fourteen year old girl killed herself after being bullied on a social website. Women in the UK are receiving death and rape threats daily via anonymous Twitter users. Most internet users will have been harassed by trolls at some point in their career.

If only people would apply a few common sense rules to their posting behaviour.

Don’t give away too many personal details unless you completely trust the network you are in. A private Facebook Group with real friends only. I can’t think of anywhere else that is completely safe. Don’t tell them everything – they or other readers may store it up and use it against you.

The victim mentality. If you give trolls, cowards and bullies a chance they will exploit any weakness you exhibit. It’s the internet – you don’t need to help them. Be guarded, be careful. You can still have fun but you should only lay yourself bare to a trusted personal friend.

The way to deal with these inadequate and occasionally psychotic lowlifes is to realise what they are.

Scum… yes.

But more than that – it is they who have the problem. They have no friends, no life, and a huge sense of inadequacy. They make themselves feel more powerful and in control by destroying other people.

It is the same at school or work but with one extra protection for these horrible people. They are anonymous.

The little man who stalks women cannot be laughed at for his inadequate stature or other physical and character defects. He is secure and safe behind his computer screen or smartphone. It makes him feel good to hurt others.

So next time some lurker with a specially chosen fake ID starts on you – remember that they are a pathetic and inadequate loser.

Who else would try to hurt people via anonymity on a social network?

I am not suggesting you feel sorry for them by the way. Despise them, hate them and see them for what they are. And don’t let them get to you.

You are better than them.