Have you seen “The Stafford Project”? Oh my god! You have got to love Michelle Stafford, who recently left the role of Phyllis Newman on the CBS daytime drama “The Young and the Restless.”

Michelle Stafford has always been a seriously good actress, but this is a mix of the REAL Michelle Stafford and the actress Michelle Stafford. If you have ever seen “Curb Your Enthusiasm” you’ll see it’s a little like that.

I love it because Michelle is talking with two guys – I think one guy is like the pitchman and he’s completely obnoxious and offensive and the other guy is Michelle’s agent. These two guys are telling Michelle that they want to make a “reality show” about her life – after all Snooki made $4 MILLION last year.

You can find a slideshow of screen shots from the first webisode called "Technicalities" here: exm.nr/190nsBd

Okay – so these guys – the pitchman and the agent - are trying to convince Michelle to film a show how used a surrogate with her egg and donor sperm in order to have her daughter. They poke fun at some of “The Young and the Restless” story lines. You need to watch this on YouTube. Simply enter www.thestaffordproject.com and you can laugh your ass off at this guy talking about some guy jerking off into a cup in order for Michelle to have her daughter Natalia.

This is Michelle Stafford at her comedic best…we’ve never seen this Michelle Stafford before, the REAL Michelle Stafford. Hang on – this is gonna be a LOT of fun! The first “episode” is only 8 minutes long and no idea how often the “episodes” will be posted or if they’ll eventually increase in length, but if you’re of odd-ball comedy or Michelle Stafford, you just may enjoy this. It’s Michelle Stafford unplugged and uncensored – a dangerous combination! Kind of like – what would Phyllis Newman on “Y&R” have been like if network censors had allowed her to just GO!

The part at the end with her daughter Natalia is PRICELESS! If you are parent, you’ll appreciate it!

Photo(s) courtesy of thestaffordproject.com

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