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&BubblewsSupport1 , thank you for your response. Might I ask if there is a way for you to check how much that post contributed to what I earned, i.e. the $25 that consisted of 58 blog posts, 1987 views, 300+ like, 50+ comments. Is there any way you can check how much traffic that article generated for me? I just thought there might a more fair way to deal with such violations before resorting to deleting your member's account along with all that was earned. Might I just add that the content of that article was to guide my connection brigesh about a question he had about that site (he is already a member) and not an invitation.

Again, thank you for the response.

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this could happen to anyone, make sure you back up your work. if it doesn't work out here. atleast you will have your work to repost elsewhere. most blogs allows you to use google adsense.

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I think the comment that Support posted below without explaining anything means that they actually deleted your account for writing a post that seemed to try to attract people to use another site, maybe using a link you can profit from. This violates Terms of Use. You probably did not do it on purpose, but you need to read the rules first so that you know not to break them. The rules are not just on the Bank page but also you can see more rules if you click on Terms of use, down there near the bottom of this page, in the blue area. I think it's not cool that they deleted your account without even telling you why, but just make sure you know the rules. I will connect to you again. Good luck!

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I had read a lot of posts on other sites saying this had happened to them too.
I hope you do get a response, that's a lot of work gone down the drain.

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You do exist, your account too i did not see anything wrong with - if i had i would have mentioned something. Write your world? hmmmmm the more i see the more it becomes a dictatorship.

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