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Many men go on dates and are always afraid to go in for the move in the fear of being rejected. What you don't realize is you are ON the date with a woman, she wants you because she actually went out with you. By not going in for the kiss she just see's you as a shy insecure man who's afraid to make a move and this will definitely make her not want to go back out with you.

So when is it the right time to go in for the kiss? When you feel it. Everytime you are with someone and you make a connection, EVERYONE will feel this energy when you want to make a move and that is the right time! Nature is bringing you together to make your move, there's something about it and it works everytime.

Although that is the natural way you can also just make a move on your own. Make a joke and say so how good of a kisser are you, before she answers or starts to make your move. girl's LOVE a man who takes action and by doing this you have claimed your manliness.

In the odd time you do get rejected don't worry, smile and keep being friendly with her.

Hope you liked my postings :) All the best, now go make out!

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