I used to sell on eBay quiet frequently, years and years ago. Having a toddler and wanting to help hubby keeping us afloat financially, I was always looking for new trends and new ideas.

So I've known about this ‘idea’ for a long time and way back then I slightly considered it; even though it’s a bit weird, but, wow, the money people were making on the side selling something they were just going to throw in the trash! Who doesn't wanna make money from their trash, HELLO?

Well today I thought I’d just see if this kinda gross thing was still allowed on eBay and if it was still thriving.

This is an account of what I found. And I had NO IDEA of what this REALLY was! I knew it was a foot fetish, but I didn't understand the DEPTHS of this… uhhhhhh desire (yuck).

Yes, people still sell nasty disgusting used, smelly socks on eBay.

Yes, people still buy nasty disgusting used, smelly socks on eBay.

And they sell for a lot of money… Although most are listed as “private auctions”, so it’s hard to see what the items was (the exact pics used) and how much it sold for… But if you don’t believe me, find a used sock auction that’s got a picture of someone wearing the socks that seems a bit provocative; like shows some knees, or thighs. Watch that auction and see how high the bids go before it ends, and just see the final total.

Way back when I first noticed this fetish I thought it was hilarious and shared it on occasion with whomever we happened to have over for dinner as kind of a laugh. You see, eBay was different then and you could use an advanced search for closed auctions and no-one used ‘private auction’. You could see some used gross socks going for $100 a pair! I kid you not! Heck yeah, there was always a temptation to try it, but I don’t know what kept me from it, other than, well I didn't have any spare socks, and back then, there wasn't a handy nearby Goodwill to go and purchase large batches from… Although from the final sale amount, maybe buying new socks would have worked just as well. Would've been a lot of fun to ‘dirty’ them up!

Nowadays however, eBay is doing a pretty good job of weeding out undesirable type sales, but this one still hangs on by the hairs (omg ewww that’s disgusting).

Today I learned that:

1. You can sell used socks as long as you don’t take pictures of your model above the knee; all pics must be of below the knee and not include any other body part.

~Which means, yes, people did this; took really sexy provocative pics of men and women wearing the dirty socks. Those that break eBay rules still do this; they risk losing their accounts and having their IP addresses blocked. That doesn’t deter them though, there’s tons of software out there that changes IP addresses, so they can just create a new account.

2. You cannot tell a story about how the socks got dirty, or torn, or smelly, or who owned them, or anything about the owner.

~Which means, yeah people were making some good stuff up for those peeps with foot fetishes, to entice and get them excited about that particular pair of dirty socks, because they really like to know about and think about the person who wore them.

3. You must wash the socks.

~Which means the people buying the socks wants them unwashed, dirty, stinky, smelly and even wet. (OMG vomit.)

I also learned more disgusting things….

* A guy that did this wrote on his website back in 2011 about how he made $10,000 in 2 to 3 years by finding nasty dirty shoes and socks and really getting descriptive and creative in his eBay sales pitch. He was sure to mention the smell and how he possibly got these socks or shoes all torn up or smelly.

* Another guy divulged how he was contacted privately from the auction and asked not to wash the socks but to bag them all sweaty to savor the smell. He himself thought it was disgusting, but hey for the money he didn’t care. That is until he looked up the guy’s name and address and found that he was a confirmed child sex offender!

Sometimes I guess you really got to look into things to really decide what is moral to do and what is not….

Confessions of a used sock salesman:

The dude that made $10,000 selling used socks

How to sell used socks on eBay without being banned (or maybe I should put how to spot people who really want to sell foot fetish items to people and break all the rules):
Image source: MINE. These are my husband’s UBER disgusting socks from today Aug 4, 2013; he worked hard can ya tell? YUCK.

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