I've been hearing a lot about Fiverr, so I headed over there to see what's what. Looks like a neat little site. I started browsing around to see if it might be something I could do to add to my Bubblews income, so I clicked on the "Writing and Translation" tab to check out how other writers are doing their thing. My strength lies more in proofreading and editing rather than in writing (I'm somewhat uncreative, but quite the Grammar Nazi), so I was particularly interested in seeing what was available in those areas.

I found two listings of note: One was by a sharp chick who had a very well-written and appealing ad for herself. She was rated at 100% with 548 votes and currently had 13 orders in her queue. Good work! And then I found THIS:

"I will do a spelling and grammer check for your documents upto 2 pages for $5
You will need to take an extra gig for extra pages.
Spelling and grammer check can be done for homework , essays , assignments and other docs
I have experience in writing professional letters for govt and Corporate sector documents for the past 10 years
Dont wait !! order Now!!"

This user, who shall remain nameless to protect her dignity, had zero orders in her queue. Can you guess why? Just in this copy-pasted excerpt alone, I count three spelling errors, seven punctuation blunders, three capitalization goofs, and two incorrect numeric representations, as well as sloppy use of abbreviations, spacing issues and questionable format, and I might have even missed a thing or two. How is she going to check spelling if her own word program clearly failed to tip her off that she had spelled "grammar" incorrectly (twice in this excerpt, as well as in the title of her post, and even on the accompanying picture) and could have used a space between "up" and "to"? I guess she doesn't have enough time to proofread her own work because she is so busy working on yours, right?

Sorry for all the snark, and I'm sure karma will come bite me in my big ole booty, because I have probably made some mistakes in this very article. But folks, everybody has stuff at which they excel. It just might not necessarily be what they THINK it is.

Couldn't resist this picture, hilariously titled "egg-ccident", from Freepik www.freepik.com/free-photo/egg-ccident_617512.htm