It's been a while since I've written a review on the series, The White Queen, but better late than never, right?

SPOILER ALERT: This review does contain some spoilers

The main part of this episode surrounded Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, and his move to put Henry VI back on the throne. It seems he quickly changed his idea from placing George, Duke of Clarance, on the throne to putting the King that Warwick helped Edward IV depose. I can believe this though. The War of the Roses was a difficult time and Warwick did change sides. He constantly wanted power and realised that he wasn't going to get it with Edward IV. With Isabelle delivering a stillborn boy, Warwick had to move on from George.

The best way for Warwick to get something out of helping Henry VI is by arranging a marriage between his younger daughter, Anne, and Henry VI's son, Edward, Prince of Lancaster. Margaret of Anjou was definitely not happy about it though. I really like Margaret's character though. I can understand why she had the nickname "The Bad Queen" and she plays the role of deposed Queen very well. I'm interested in how she will turn out throughout the next few episodes since I know how her history turns out.

Anne really didn't want to marry Edward and I don't blame her. He is vile, especially during the wedding night! He reminded me a bit of a vampire, haha! I'm not sure how he was in real life and whether Anne really didn't want to marry him though. Anne has always struck me as a woman after power. She was her father's daughter. While she would have been nervous, I'd have thought she'd be happy for the opportunity to be Queen of England. Of course, she wouldn't have known that this was possible at the time and it did mean that she and her sister were on opposite sides. I guess it does make sense for her to be so against the marriage at first.

I love Richard, who will later become Richard III. His character is perfect since he was always loyal to his brother. I really believe that he loves Anne. He is just so annoyed at the marriage for Anne to his enemy. On the other hand, I can't stand George. I'm just glad I know how his story will turn out (at least in history).

Poor Margaret Beaufort. She has lost so much and now she is losing her son. I really feel for her--and I do when I read about her in history, at least in her earlier years. Her determination to keep him close-by during this episode, which shows the determination that she is likely to have in later episodes. Amanda Hale is a brilliant actress for the part. I'm quite surprised that I didn't like her at first but she really grew on me from this episode.

And of course, it comes to the problem of Warwick attacking and Edward and Richard have had to flee to exile. Elizabeth Woodville loses her crown, is eight or nine months pregnant and has to flee. She needs to get to sanctuary with her children. The quick thinking of Rebecca Ferguson's character is so true of Elizabeth Woodville. She always seemed to have a stable head on her shoulders and would sense danger even though it wasn't there. Even with her mother arrested for witchcraft (how's she getting out of that one), she manages to think for the best of herself and her children.

I love the remark from Jacquetta about using Margaret of Anjou as a character witness. It really stops George and Warwick in their tracks. It's really easy to forget that Jacquetta and her family were originally on the side of the House of Lancaster. It was great timing to release her too since she was there just as Elizabeth was delivering her baby -- surprise, surprise, the son that she had magically seen with the baby spoon. I know that this part of history is true. Edward V was born in sanctuary; definitely not the place for a son of a King!

Are you watching The White Queen? What do you think about it?