For those who might not be familiar with it, there is a show on NBC on Tuesday and Wednesday night called "America's Got Talent". Some of the best musical artists I have seen have been featured on this show, which is a competition with four judges. The artists perform their act, then the judges give them the go-ahead to move forward. The viewing audience votes from there.

One group who has been featured this year is Forte, a group composed of three male tenors who met online and only began to perform together live the week of their appearance. That performance brought chills to me as I listened to them. The judges were "bug eyed", and the audience gave a standing ovation.

Unfortunately, one of the members had problems with his Visa, and the two remaining members had to go on a search to find a replacement. Once again they did it through the internet. The new addition fit in like an old shoe. The audience was once again amazed. They are headed to the finals.

If you haven't heard of Forte, I encourage you to check them out online, or listen to them here: You won't be disappointed.


Picture: Forte Facebook Page