This is a tough call but the writers and producers of Glee made it. Cory Monteith, one of the leading stars of the popular musical comedy/drama, Glee, died from an overdose of heroin and alcohol on July 13. His character, Finn Hudson, will also die in much the same way, according to FOX's Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly. Cast members will make anti drug PSA's in character as part of the show. This is probably the toughest thing these kids have had to do in their lives.

The show will be back on the air from a hiatus on September 26 but the Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson tribute and exit show will air on the third show of the season. The first two shows will be Beatles themed shows which were written in May. Then on their third show, the all important and surely very sad episode will deal with the Finn Hudson's death from drugs and the characters' reactions. Get your tissues out, Glee fans. I know I will have mine. I really liked the character and the actor and his death stunned me as it did millions of others. Proceeds from the third episode’s music sales will go to a charity formed in Monteith’s name, Reilly said, which is comforting.

Monteith's character Finn was in college and was partying a lot on the show so it seems to like it is the perfect set up for a drug overdose exit although I wish it was just the character exiting and not the actual actor that is gone way too soon at age 31.

Once again, people are stereotyping Monteith as a guy who didn't "look like a drug addict". (See my column about drug addicts here: ). Said Reilly, "You see some people struggling with addiction and it's clear. Cory was a big, open, wonderful life force. He was not a problem. He didn't look like [a drug addict]. He looked straight as an arrow." Looks are deceiving, Mr. Reilly as we all know. There is no one LOOK that an addict has.