You +Buff +Pineapple ? In the UK there is pineapple +Grown in a unique way. And the price is very +Expensive . Yes, pineapple rare breed who has spent most of his life growing with several tons of horse manure is priced at £ 10,000 or equivalent to Rp156 million per piece.

The +Price is +Fantastic for a pineapple. Pineapple Pineapple is called the most expensive in the world, because of the unusual plantings. To raise this rare pineapple, for two years the workers using traditional gardening techniques folks Victoria. Lost Gardens of Heligan in which is one of the attractions in Cornwall botany, pineapple is grown.

The people who take care of this pineapple create the tropical conditions in the small greenhouse by creating heat using a chemical reaction from the merger of 30 tons of horse manure, horse urine, and +Haystack . Pineapple is regularly given horse manure, and +Soaked in +Horse-urine .

As reported by the Daily Mail, the garden has been planted with pineapple in the same way since the 19th century, when the +Pineapple-pineapple are often hired by a wealthy family in Victoria to use as table decorations at a dinner held. Eight of the rare pineapple is currently being researched development and a botanist said each pineapple has cost around £ 1,200 to grow.

But, one of the pineapple is now ready to be harvested, and experts say the pineapple fruit is worth around £ 10,000, because of its rarity, the value of production, and a unique location. Although the fruit is very expensive, pineapples freshly harvested will not be sold, but will be cut into pieces and given to the park board staff for their taste. James Stephens who has tasted pineapple, said, "It's very tasty and sweet. Texture is not stringy. Such explode in the mouth when eaten".