Something is wrong
For the last two days something has been wrong with bubblews, has anyone else have these problems, Slow or dragging, missing notices, people connecting but you don’t see them until much later, people liking your post, but you not seeing the mark until you refresh even if you just landed on the page. Pictures there one minute but gone the next only to hit refresh and they are back again. The site going down for an hour or more. I was reading a post, and got halfway through it then it was gone, I refreshed and it was back, but not for long. Now I can’t find it. I know people have been saying something about bubblews is upgrading, is that what is going on. If so I hope they get it worked out soon, I hate losing a good article, hopefully it will be back so I can finish it. Please let me know if you are have the same sort of issues so that I know it is not my computer, I mean I have defragged, and debugged it, but sometimes those bugs are tricky. Well anyhow peace everyone.