Yeah, well, I didn't plan on eating one, but just asking... Ha! There are a few reasons why this subject came to my mind today. First and foremost, I already knew that raccoon were often hunted for their fur, tail, and/or whatever else they can sell. In the past, I have heard about people eating them, but people telling me "yeah, they are greasy meat, but yeah, we eat 'em," was hardly sufficient for my curious query at hand.
To make a short story even shorter, I actually pondered this today while contemplating on whether or not to shoot a raccoon. The reason why I even thought about blasting such a cute little creature, was because I had one eating most of my outdoor cat's cat food lately. I finally seen the fat raccoon today, that has been consuming mass quantities of my outdoor cat's food here of late, and after I had him trapped into a corner with my gun pointed at his/her head, I decided to not shoot it. This critter just looked so cute and semi-domesticated, and I couldn't bring myself to blast it into oblivion. With that being said, I did come back into the house saying how I'd only shoot one if I was desperate for food/meat, etc. Then, even though I knew you could practically eat anything - especially if cooked - I asked myself the question: "Can you eat Raccoon?" Anyway, I read a few bits online, and some website said that the Native Americans used to eat them quite regularly. It was a Q & A page from Yahoo! Answers, but that wasn't good enough for me. I then went to Wikipedia, here:

After realizing that I'm too lazy to read a novel's worth of crap, I just thought I'd ask this query here. Anyway, if anybody knows anything about eating raccoon, feel free to add it to the comment section below. If you make me too hungry, though, I may go outside and blast one. Oh, and please spare me the trite phrase as to how it tastes like chicken; ha!

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

---End of Post "Can you eat Raccoon?"

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