Words of Wonder is an addictive Facebook game. It should come with a warning that video help is not available for all levels and that money may be required to progress. Well nix the money, I am committed to playing for free. When I got stuck, I took a break from level 83 of Word of Wonder for a few weeks. When I returned to play, I was sad to see that a miracle did not happen while I was absent. Nope, Facebook's Words of Wonder, level 83 is still stuck for me. Three tries later not one quill appears. If you have to drop the quill - it has to appear first.

Totally perplexed, I hit the video helps usually available on You Tube for almost any game. Today I could not find a video quickly. But, I did find a blog with help at hand -- the only thing is you have to DownoadCandy.com and I am not willing to do that. Virus's could come with a download or it could be the most awesome tool ever -- but I am not willing to take that risk.

The search is on for bigger and better help tools, and so far blasting music reveals I can get help for many levels - but not level 83. I can get help for my other favorite game, Candy Crush Saga level 83. Thanks YouTube. I guess I will have to figure it out and make a video too.

If Words of Wonder is one of your favorite games, then you know what I am talking about. Thanks Facebook for the addiction. As to getting help for cheating level 83, no dice - there is no help.

photo credit: screen shot of levels help available through YouTube (fair use invoked)
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