Ireland is the setting for many ghost stories that include haunted castles. Ross Castle in County Meath is said to be one of the most famous in the country. It's set in a remote area on a hill with ancient trees overlooking Lough Sheelin.

The first occupant of this 16th century castle was the British Lord of Devon. He was known as the Black Baron due to his nasty demeanor and cruel treatment of local residents. Legend has it that his daughter Sabina fell in love with the son of an Irish rebel chief, Orwin. Of course the Black Baron did not approve and the couple tried to escape her father's wrath. In the process, Orwin was killed and Sabina fell into a state of hopeless despair, refusing to eat or drink until she finally died of a broken heart. They are both buried on castle grounds, but many guests have reported seen Sabina's spirit as she continues to search for her lost love.

The Black Baron’s presence has also been reported by visitors in the vicinity of the castle on numerous occasions. He's said to be unable to rest over the fate of many of his victims as well as his grief for the loss of his only daughter.

I plan to stay at Ross Castle while I'm in Ireland this October, just before Halloween as fate would have it. It should make for an interesting night!

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