Will she or won’t she? For fans of The Young and the Restless, that question covers a lot of ground and has a lot of answers? But first things first, will “Y&R” writers kill off the character of Phyllis Newman or will they recast the role?

Second, will Phyllis be able to tell everyone the truth about Sharon manipulating the results of Summer’s paternity test? Will Phyllis be able to tell Jack that he isn’t Summer’s father? Will Phyllis be able to tell her family and friends that she ended up in the hospital after she confronted Sharon with the truth?

On the Monday, July 29 episode Phyllis struggles to tell Jack the truth as Sharon skulks around outside her hospital room. As Jack attempts to understand what Phyllis is saying, loudly and clearly in her own head, Phyllis tells the truth, that Nick is really Summer’s father.

After getting a glimpse of Sharon outside her hospital room, Phyllis begins struggling even more to communicate. Jack tells her she needs to rest, she does not need to take on the world. That is when Phyllis delivers quite possibly the best line of the day, “Take on the world? I’m going to rip Sharon’s face off!”

Phyllis’s tirade continues as Sharon looks on from outside her hospital room:

“She did this Jack! She screwed up the paternity test! She lied! Nick and Summer have to know! Sharon did this! You all have to know! Listen to me!”

Will these be the last words “uttered” by Phyllis Newman? They just might be because Phyllis begins convulsing and has a seizure. When Jack sees (CATCHES!!!) Sharon outside Phyllis hospital room after calling for a doctor, Sharon says “Oh Jack! I just had to come! How’s Phyllis?”

Don’t you just want to grab Sharon and shake the living shit out of her? I know I do! Then, just when you think Sharon cannot sink any lower, when Jack tells her that Phyllis has been struggling to tell him something, Sharon looks all compassionate and says, “She was probably just trying to tell you how much she loves you.” Jack isn’t really that clueless because he tells Sharon that it wasn’t just that, it seems as if Phyllis is struggling to tell him something really important, to give him a message.

Jack summons everyone to the hospital: Summer, Avery, Nick. Phyllis’s prognosis following the seizure is uncertain and not encouraging. Sharon “comforts” everyone while Phyllis is off for more tests. Tehh doctor tells everyone that everything is not okay with Phyllis’s tests. She has bruising on the brain that may never heal and Phyllis may never regain consciousness. Is this the end of Phyllis Newman forever, or just buying time for “The Young and the Restless” to recast the iconic role?

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