My review of Postloop.

As a follow up to my post "Good Sites Similar To Bubblews?" I am posting reviews based on my experiences with alternative writing sites.

This post is my review of Postloop, a paid writing site where you earn by posting and commenting on blogs and forums.

- Reliable and fast payouts
- Variety of different audiences

- Must post 10 times first to qualify as a member
- You have to sign up to each forum
- Topics are more restrictive
- Ratings are inconsistent
- Each forum has different posting requirements
- Different forums and blogs require different ratings

Having written for a range of sites, I must admit to being very disappointed with Postloop.

Many readers here at Bubblews are familiar with my writing standards. On Postloop I received an overall rating of just 4.0 out of 5.0. This greatly restricted the number of forums I could access, with 8 of the 20 forums regarding computing requiring a higher rating! I have to admit, this really made me angry. I am a good writer dammit!