I noticed a lot of folks have been commenting lately on plagiarizers and hoping that Bubblews will handle this. They do their best but it’s a major task keeping up with these fools that try to beat the system.

Some get-rick-quick-silly-thinking new members simply find an article they like, engage the mouse, swish! Copy/paste/post and think that’s an okay thing to do.
It’s not!! It’s in direct violation of copyright laws and Bubblers can help eradicate these parasites.

Some newbies (and veterans, too) don’t yet know how to go about reporting this stuff but Bubblews has made it easy.

Simply send an email to [email protected]
Include three important links:
Link to the Violator’s Username
Link to the plagiarized Bubblews Post
Link to the original content

Note: Before you take action be sure that the content really has been stolen. For example, some plagiarized postings are blatantly obvious. The content comes from a news site or online magazine. However, some content is duplicate content from a Bubblews member’s blog or personal website which yes, is duplicate content, but NOT plagiarism.

If you have posted your content elsewhere, removed it, and reposted it here, be sure to cite that it's yours along with its former location.

We can all help keep our site “clean”.

IMAGE CREDIT – www.morguefile.com