If you eat any yogurt with red dye in it, you’re eating bugs. However, Dannon, which also markets yogurt under the name Activia, has been targeted by The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CPSI). The non-profit food watchdog group has released a list of yogurt to watch out for because Dannon isn’t entirely honest with their consumers.

Strawberry, Cherry, Boysenberry and Raspberry varieties of Dannon’s Fruit on the Bottom yogurts all contain red dye, which is made from cochineal insects. Also on the list is Oikos strawberry flavored Greek yogurt, two flavors of Dannon’s Light and Fit and six Activia brand yogurts.
Basically Dannon is cheating you – because YOU think that there is mostly fruit in the yogurt that gives it its red or pink color. But no, you’re getting a dye made from bugs.

But parents can breathe a little easier, because Dannon’s line of Danimals yogurts marketed for children contains natural colorings – like purple carrot juice – in order to achieve the pink and red colors in Danimals.

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