Ginger has many benefits such as fighting morning sickness; dealing with digestive problems; relieving symptoms related to rheumatoid arthritis; slows the growth of colon cancer cells and kills ovarian cancer cells. If you want know more about the benefits and the many uses of ginger, visit this link: and this one, .

One of the ways that you can use ginger is as an ingredient in ginger beer. The Jamaican recipe was believed to have been created in the sixteenth century. I have two recipes showing you how to make traditional Jamaican ginger beer. Enjoy!

Recipe 1

• ½ cup honey
• 3 cups sugar
• ½ lb. ginger (Try to use Jamaican ginger if you can to get the most authentic flavor. I know that it can be pretty difficult to get, but if all else fails you can use what you can find at the grocery store.)
• ½ cup lime juice
• 4 quarts water
• 1 cup yeast


1. Scrape outer skin of ginger before crushing and placing in a large bowl.
2. Add lime juice.
3. Bring the 4 quarts water to a boiling.
4. Pour boiling water over ginger and lime juice mixture.
5. Mix yeast with 1 cup of the sugar.
6. Pour half cup water over yeast and sugar mixture.
7. When ginger mixture is warm, add the yeast paste and stir.
8. Cover and let sit for three days.
9. Skim, strain, and sweeten with the 2 cups of sugar to taste.
10. Keep in refrigerator; and serve chilled.

Recipe 2

• 1 sprig of peppermint
• 3 cups sugar
• ½ lb. ginger
• ½ cup lime juice
• 4 quarts water


1. Pour boiling water over peeled and crushed ginger in a large bowl.
2. Allow to sit for 6 hours.
3. Strain, add lime juice, sugar and sprig of mint.
4. Taste and sweeten additionally, if necessary.
5. Bottle and refrigerate.