Let's admit it....most of us are not stupid and we know that even though the networks call them "reality shows" they're partially scripted. They take a bunch of people and force them into uncomfortable social situations an ply them with booze - kind of like a little kid spinning around and around in a circle. You know what's going to happen. The kid's going to get dizzy, fall down and maybe even puke.

But this may have taken "reality television" into an entirely new "unreality" direction. Someone posted on Facebook (and apparently also on Twitter somewhere) that Amanda Zuckerman was hand-picked by Big Brother casting director to be the BB15 winner. There are also rumors out there that Amanda is pretty tight with Mike Boogie (Boogey??) who co-owns the Dolce Group of restaurants.

According to a YouTube video and a description on IMDb Zuckerman tried out for and worked on a short-lived show called Big Shot Live which was supposedly a show that was to be produced by CBS and Allison Grodner is apparently the casting director for either all of or the majority of CBS's reality television. Grodner definitely casts for the CBS reality shows -- Big Brother and The Amazing Race that we know of. It wouldn't be a stretch to see how she would have hand-picked and manipulated the twists so that Amanda would be the winner of BB15.

Let's face it....Amanda's only strategy at first was sleeping with McCrae when he became HoH. Now, all of a sudden she's coming up with all the moves? Could be that Grodner is calling her into the diary room and calling the shots?

Here's the YouTube video I was talking about: bit.ly/15JOWs2
Here's the IMDb profile for Big Shot Live: imdb.to/18Ag3Im
And Amanda's profile on Dolce Group: bit.ly/1dVHBZq

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