People say that white flecks on your fingernails indicate that you are having calcium or other nutritional deficiency.

Is this myth true or not?
Not really.

This is just an old wives’ tale to trick kids and young teens to take more calcium food.

According to some dermatologist researches, these whit spots or flecks are layers of calcium under the base of your fingernail. It is also known as “leukonychia” in medical terms.
It is common to see white spots or flecks on any part of your fingernail out of the blue. There is a possibility that you had accidentally knocked your fingernail against a hard object or surface such as the table or wall when the hit area was still developing below the cuticle.
People with dermatitis or cuticles that are damaged are more prone to nail infections that results to nail injuries which may develop white spots or flecks halfway up your fingernail. Usually, these white spots or flecks do not appear immediately. These markings will only surface in between 3-4 months later.

What causes the white spots?

1. Lack of water- Body dehydration or body lack of water can be one of the causes. Insufficient body fluid slows down the fingernail growth. Hence, it reduces the nails production which causes nail ridges, rough nail surface and white spots or flecks.

2. Too Much Nail Polish- In addition to it, widely usage of fingernail products such as nail polish remover with too much toluene.

3. Allergic- Allergic reaction to chemical substances used in nail polish and nail polish remover such as thinner

How to Avoid White Spots On Fingernail?

Hence, in order to have less recurrence of white spots on your fingernails, ensure that your healthy diet includes lots of Vitamin A,B,C,D and E, iron, calcium and sulphur.

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