Celebrities are just normal people like you and I, and sometimes do something that can't be forgotten intentionally or unintentionally. Imagine if everything you did was being watched, it would be pretty uncomfortable. It's sad that one instance can really ruin someone who worked hard and seemed like a good person. Here are a few whom pretty much tarnished their reputation and in some cases their entire career.

MICHAEL JACKSON - The moment he said he did share a bed with children, it really put a damper on his reputation. He was labeled a child molester and pretty much tarnished all the good he had done leading up to that moment. Now when someone mentions or thinks of the King of Pop they remember all the stigma that goes along with him, even though charges were dropped.

GEORGE MICHAEL - He has such success with WHAM and his solo career, only to be caught engaging in a lewd act at public restroom in a park in Beverly Hills, California. He also had drug problems which caused him an array of issues.

BRITNEY SPEARS - Who can forget the moment she shaved her head? Besides that instance she had other drunk outbursts no one can forget. She seems to be doing better these days, but no one will forget that.

PAUL REUBENS AKA - PEE-WEE HERMAN - The beloved children's character was ruined when he as caught masturbating publicly in an adult theater in Sarasota, Florida.

MEL GIBSON - This was a strange one, in 2006 he proceeded to rant anti-Semitic comments to a Jewish cop saying some pretty crazy things. Then his girlfriend at the time, Oksana Grigorieva, actually taped some of his outbursts.

WHITNEY HOUSTON - After her marriage to Bobby Brown everything seemed to change for her. She sadly became addicted to drugs and ultimately lost her life on February 11, 2012 at the age of 48.

CHARLIE SHEEN - Another very strange one here, Sheen went on several rants about Alcoholics Anonymous, his ex-wife, Thomas Jefferson and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre. These rants ended up costing him his job with Two and a Half Men (which made hm the highest paid television actor) He would rant also about winning, never really understood it.

LANCE ARMSTRONG - His confession to injected himself with steroids to help him win cycling tournaments ruined everything he had worked for. He was stripped of all his seven Tour de France titles he won between 1999 and 2005,

WINONA RYDER - She was arrested in 2001 for shoplifting around $5500 and she is still remembered for that. It just didn't make sense that she would steal when she had the money.

PAULA DEEN - She used racial slurs over 20 years and it is all now surfacing. Even though she apologized for using the derogatory language she lost most, if not all of her sponsors and her show on Food Network will not renewed.

LINDSAY LOHAN - Don't even know where to begin here, she has damaged her reputation and continues to do so. She has done so many random weird acts like driving under the influence, possession of cocaine, and stealing to name a few.

DAVID HASSELHOFF - In 2007 the Hoff was filmed by his daughter drunk and struggling to eat cheeseburger lying shirtless on the floor. He was in violation of his visitation rights with his two daughters and they were suspended. The video showcased his alcohol addiction and no on can forget it.

BOY GEORGE - His addiction to heroin lead him down a dark path and tarnished his reputation forever.

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