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Don't parents already have a filter they can set as they like? I had one when my son was at home. It filtered any computer using my service. I don't think people should have to opt in for anything legal. Yet I completely agree that porn simulating rape should be placed in the illegal category. &peterwatts the porn/erectile dysfunction has had a lengthy discussion in Naomi Wolf's new book "Va...a", along with related problems.

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Opting in for smut is a good idea. Too much out there and early exposure definitely not good...

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Ok, but you have to ask them to be switched off. Don't you find it disturbing to know that everything you are doing online are being monitored and thus can be filtered? I'm not against porn censorship. I'm against the goverment monitoring our communications.

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&Bosconian note that these filters are voluntary (therefore NOT censorship), you can always choose to have them switched off, but I know many parents who will be very glad for this help in preventing their children accessing most porn. In the UK, children as young as 10 nowadays routinely access hard core porn quite easily, and studies are beginning to reveal how harmful this is for their development (www.apa.org/monitor/nov07/webporn.aspx).

To boot, pornography-use induced erectile dysfunction (inability to get an erection because of using porn) is increasingly being reported among adult men (www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cupids-poisoned-arrow/201107/porn-induced-sexual-dysfunction-growing-problem)

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And even more... I have a baby girl and I really would not like for her to watch porn of any kind. But I'm convinced that my duty as her parent is to teach her the difference between good and evil and give them moral values so she can decide what is good to watch or do online and what not. I don't want to give my right as a parent to teach my children and I think this kind of laws are making people in the UK give up their parenthood rights.

Sad news.

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