I recently wrote about the "chicken cutlets bra" that I once wore - and lost - in another post (www.bubblews.com/news/800807) so I may as well tell the story.

I was invited to a very swanky gathering when I was working as an editor of a magazine in the late 90's. I am not a very swanky person. In fact, I prefer to be casual to dressing up any day. But I had to look good because I was going to be meeting people in high places and the impression I made was very important to me and the magazine in general.

I chose a subtly sexy dress with a high neckline but an open back. I didn't really think at the time I bought the dress that I couldn't wear a traditional bra with it since it was essentially backless. Going braless to an event like this would have been a major gaffe so I gathered my girlfriends and asked what to do about my predicament. The answer? Get a strapless silicone bra. These backless, strapless silicone bras supposedly stick on and support, lift and conceal while having no straps at all to interfere with oddly cut tops and dresses.

I was leery of a "stick on bra" but one of my very good, socially savvy friends said she swore by hers and loved it. Convinced, I bought one. It was squishy and I could wear it hooked or wear each ... cutlet ... separately. All I had to do was to wet the bra slightly and it became tacky (as in sticky but probably as in ... tacky as well). I then only had to adhere it to my bust and I was done. I tried the bra with a tight top and it seemed to work fine. It looked natural with no lines anywhere and it didn't slip around.