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hilarious!!! I don't know what I would have done had that happened to me!!

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That's it... sit-com! I actually didn't realize there were stick on bras... I mean pasties sure... but.... uh... never mind.

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&alexdg1 Be happy you don't have to worry about such things,Alex. It's tough being a chick!

&catwoman I considered kicking it away but several people saw it and it was clear that I was holding my chest and looking stunned. I just had to own up to it.

&amberanderson90 Gotta laugh! It was so awful but somewhere out there someone has a good story to tell. :)

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&travellinda Ouch! I'm not sure which is worse!

&kmarch I used to be so embarrassed as a kid by everything as a kid and when I grew up, I realized we all have those moments. Bit this one was awful at the time.

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Back in the days of panty hose I was walking though a major airport with a friend when hers suddenly fell down to her knees. She stepped out of them and kept walking. But, the best one I know of was the girl whose panties fell down when the elevator came to an abrupt stop.

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